Dewars Whisky - for Dewars/Bacardi - 2013

This video, commissioned to launch Dewars new branding, employs both of my key animation styles.  The video isn't for general release until later this year.  Click on the image below to open/download an MP4 video (5MB file size).

 click to open a new window and see finished animation... 

click to open a new window and see finished animation... 

Below are some early development concepts.

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the Snow Maiden - for Kudos Productions/BBC/HBO - 2012

My most recent showreel contains many scenes from this 90 second sequence I animated for the final episode of the drama series "Hunted".  I'm not yet permitted to upload the whole sequence but hope to later this year.

Below - development stills and stills from the final production

"The Dead Dog's Memorial Song" - for Absolute Radio - 2013

Annoyingly catchy, this crowd-sourced, animated song recounts the strange habits of dogs now snoozing peacefully in the big kennel in the sky - from licking ashtrays clean to strange encounters with TV natural history presenters.  Listeners to Absolute Radio shared the quirky eulogies of their old four legged friends on air.  The slot was such a success that a number of these stories were put to music in order to raise money for the Dogs Trust. 

Savemates - for MakeShift - 2013

An explainer video I created for a proposed savings scheme from Makeshift. 

The Carpet People (book trailer) - for Crush Creative - 2013

This is a short trailer I made for Terry Pratchett's "the Carpet People". The animation takes Pratchett's original illustrations and brings them to life.

Art direction was by Sam Murdoch & Thomas Lacey at CRUSH in Brighton

Silver City Soul - National Galleries Scotland - 2011/12

This is an edit of some of the timelapse video I shot high above the city of Aberdeen in North East Scotland. This footage was shot as part of my commission for the National Galleries of Scotland to create a video portrait of Aberdeen.  The first scene looks out north over the city whilst the following shots take in the spectacular Harbour to the south. 

The resulting 2 films were exhibited as large scale projections at the National Galleries, Edinburgh and Aberdeen Art Gallery. 

Imist Promo - for Atlas Interactive - 2012

I was employed as camera operator and director of photography on this promo for Atlas Interactive. 

Recent Animation Tests - personal work - 2013

Two scenes I created to use in my forthcoming showreel.  These are lower resolution clips until I upload the finished showreel in a few weeks. 

Ayr Racecourse Events - for STV - 2011

A commercial I animated in 2011 for STV.  I'm really happy with the sense of speed from the shot through the horses legs.